Rent a Car

Short-term car rental service, with a driver option available for users looking for short-term car rental service solutions, within a minimum period of 24 hours.
The operationalization of the Rent a Car Service offer is subdivided by categories, according to the typology of the vehicles indicated on the map:


Brand Model
Renault Kwid
KIA Picanto

The Class-A was defined with users in mind with the need to use vehicles within the urban center and without high demands in terms of vehicle size and characteristics.


Brand Model
Renault Sandero

The Class-B, like the Class-A, was also defined with users in mind to use vehicles within the urban center, but differentiated by the volume of the vehicle.


Brand Model
Renault Duster

The Class-C was developed for users with more demanding needs since in this class we have larger 2×4 and 4×4 vehicles.


Brand Model
KIA Sportage
Hyundai Creta

The Class-D was developed for users looking for vehicles with greater volume transport capacity and 4×4 characteristics.


Brand Model
Toyota Fortuner
Hyundai Santa-Fé

The Class_E arises from the need to provide greater responsiveness to users who are looking for vehicles with greater passenger transport capacity and which are inserted in a higher range.


Brand Model
Toyota Hilux
Nissan Hardbody
Ford Ranger

The Class-F is aimed at users looking for solutions for the transport of passengers and small volumes.


Brand Model
Toyota Prado TXL

The Class-G was developed for users of a high segment with higher demands regarding the use of vehicles.


Brand Model
Toyota Land Cruiser Lc200

The Class-H was developed with users in the luxury segment in mind looking for high-end vehicles with specific features.


Brand Model
Hyundai H1


Brand Model
Ford Transit
Fiat Ducato

The Class-J is entirely dedicated to users looking for collective transport solutions for small groups.


Brand Model
Toyota Coaster

The Class-K was created thinking of collective users with the need to transport large groups of up to 30 passengers.

Operational Vehicle Rental (AOV)

Operational vehicle rental service” operates on a long-term basis, with modalities ranging from 12 to 36 months and with a choice of driver and/or fuel. This service is entirely dedicated to companies that need to use vehicles in pre-defined periods and that are looking for services without additional concerns, such as: handling documentation processes (bureaucracy), repairing the vehicle in case of breakdowns, maintenance plans and driver and/or fuel management. The offer of operational car rental service is carried out with “zero km” vehicles, whose choice of brand and model is at the discretion of the customer based on the list of vehicles presented on the previous pages where the vehicles available in our fleet are listed, for both short-term and long-term.

Collective Transport of Passengers

The collective passenger transport service is intended for companies that want transport solutions for their employees, who may opt for the short-term regime comprising the daily rental practiced with a minimum of 24 hours and the long-term rental service included in the rental period from 12 months to 36 months. This service is only available with two categories of vehicles, namely; Mini bus with capacity for 18 passengers and bus with capacity for 30 passengers.

Brand Model Capacity
Toyota Coaster 30 passengers
Brand Model Capacity
Ford Transit 18 passengers
Brand Model Capacity
Fiat Ducato 18 passengers


The transfer service is intended for the transport of passengers, point to point, with two modalities defined as follows::

  • Transfer in: This modality is intended for transport with a defined route, which may be from the airport to the accommodation;
  • Transfer out: In this mode, the route is reversed, it will be in the direction of the accommodation to the airport;
  • Transfer in/out: In this modality, the service can be carried out on the way from the airport to the accommodation and from the accommodation to the airport, that is, round trip.

Note: In the transfer service, the customer can select a route according to his transport needs, obeying only the “point to point” concept, without being specifically the
airport accommodation service or airport accommodation.
The capacity and characteristics of the vehicle are available according to the need that the customer presents at the time of requesting the service.

Option A – Availability of light vehicles and SUVs, with capacity for 5 and 7 seats dedicated to small groups or individuals who wish to transport several volumes;
Option B – Availability of vehicles with capacity for 18 and 30 passengers, the so-called “mini buses” and “buses” dedicated to groups with more people.